Martina House Check-in Instructions

We wish you a very good stay!

We are at the 5th floor, right side of the building. B stairs.


The bigger key is for the front door and the glass door downstairs. The little key is for the home door and finally the gloden key is for the room door that are originally 18th century: to open and close you have to find the right point where it turns. Gentle movements not forcing.

To open the home door from inside you have to push & pull the door knob. To close the door just drive it to close from the middle. Not from the knob! Otherwise, it remains open. Not safe then.


Please pay attention to always close the doors of the elevator.


Wifi password written on the table next the bed.


For the bathroom: please throw ONLY toilet paper in the toilet. It is an electric pumping system very sensitive. Tissue, cotton wool, makeup remover pads, have to be thrown in the little trash basket.

When you plash the motor will make a noise for less than one minute and then it will stop. If you throw something inside it will be blocked and broken. Do not use any water in this case.


Switch on  & off from the black castor by the window. Please switch off when you go out of the room or if you keep the window open!


Checkout is at maximum 10 am. There is the possibility to leave bags here: I will give you another pair of keys than as I need the room keys for the next guest. If you need the private car to go back at the airport, please write us!


Cleaning service is between 9.30-10.30 am. If you do not want the room cleaned hang out the signal.


Italian breakfast offered with vouchers. It includes coffee or cappuccino or American coffee and croissant.

The cafeteria LeonBar is in Via Sardegna 35. Breakfast offered from 7 to 10 am, by giving the voucher to the lady at the cashier, you can sit and enjoy the Italian breakfast! On Sunday’s breakfast is at MomaCafe in Via Lazio 11 from 7:30 to 10 am.

City Tax

City tax also called a tourist tax is a fee that is paid by inbound travellers and the owner are due to collect for the Municipality. We ask to pay it by cash at the check in.